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    With the desire to connect supply and demand around the world with the true value foundation of the logistics industry, An Phu Trading and Forwarding Services Co., Ltd (An Phu VN Logistics) was born in May 2008. After more than 14 years of development, with the motto "Prestige - Professionalism - Dedication", putting Prestige as the top in business activities, we have developed continuously and sustainably to become a leading supplier of goods and services. leader in the field of freight forwarding.

    With the internal strength and enthusiasm of the staff working enthusiastically with a professional and creative style, constantly applying modern technologies, An Phu gives customers a service experience that is not only quality. but also get a good solution to minimize costs while ensuring maximum value of your supply. We always aim to be the satisfaction and trust of our customers. The success of our customers is a worthy gift for our dedication.

    Our strengths:

    + Focus on training people, commit to providing good quality, timely service to customers

    + Be flexible with changes, grasp the trend of the times

    + Managing more than 60 bulk carriers and containers at Hai Phong and Cai Lan ports, 26 trucks at Cat Lai port in Ho Chi Minh ready to meet large volumes of cargo.

    + Reasonable tariff and service fee

    + Fast, convenient, dedicated

    An Phu is always confident to bring products and services that satisfy the needs and desires of customers. We look forward to becoming your strategic supplier.

    Customers who are looking for or improving logistics services, please contact us immediately .




    • Logistics - Logistics Services
    • Customs - Customs Services, Customs Clearance
    • Warehousing - Warehousing Services
    • Cargo Shipping, Freight Forwarding
    • Shipping
    • Trucking


    Products and services


    • Warehouse for rent
    • Short-term warehouse rental
    • Freight forwarding and shipping
    • Freight forwarding by air
    • Full package freight forwarding
    • Declare customs clearance procedures
    • Customs declaration
    • Customs tax declaration
    • Customs clearance for non-commercial goods
    • Customs clearance for goods in transit
    • Customs clearance for goods temporarily imported for re-export
    • Customs clearance for goods temporarily exported and re-imported
    • Customs clearance for exhibition goods
    • Customs clearance for aid goods
    • Customs clearance
    • Long-term warehousing arrangement
    • Short-term warehousing arrangement
    • Consulting on customs tax declaration
    • Consultancy on customs procedures
    • Consultancy on customs clearance procedures
    • Door-to-door shipping
    • Shipping goods by sea
    • Air freight
    • Multimodal freight transport
    • Rail freight transport
    • Shipping goods by water
    • Domestic freight
    • International freight
    • Transportation of goods in the country
    • Retail shipping
    • Full container shipping
    • Multimodal bulk shipping
    • Bulk shipping
    • Multimodal transportation
    • Multimodal transportation
    • Loading and unloading goods at the warehouse



    Company profile
    Company name:
    An Phu Trading & Forwarding Service Co., Ltd

    Company type:
    Delivery and transportation services.

    Tax code:

    Founded year:

    Main marketing:
    National, International

    Number of employees:
    From 11 - 50 people