The role of multimodal transport
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  • The role of multimodal transport

    The role of multimodal transport
    + Multimodal transport is taking over the logistics industry today. This is the bridge to support commercial activities to develop quickly. Therefore, multimodal transport plays an important role, namely:
    + Multimodal transport helps to increase competitiveness in price as well as in quality. Helps reduce shipping costs and just in time, which in turn leads to lower costs of goods and production.
    + Expanding the transport network and achieving economic efficiency by using this mode of transport can carry large volumes of goods.
    + Multimodal transport also reduces unnecessary documents in the cooperation between government and businesses. Since then, the procedures in transportation activities have become simple and businesses have less barriers in business activities.
    + Through the transport network, businesses will contact the market faster. In addition to the Vietnamese market, it is possible to expand to foreign markets. This will also boost the domestic economy further and encourage economic growth and international trade will also flourish.