Actual situation of road transport in Vietnam
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  • Actual situation of road transport in Vietnam


    1. Advantages and opportunities of Vietnam's trucking industry

    Currently,  road transport  is paying special attention to the state by drafting, promulgating and organizing the implementation of legal documents to create the best conditions for development. Specifically, there have been 5 specialized laws, decrees, circulars guiding and organizing the implementation in the whole industry and specialized fields.

    In addition, transport development strategies for the whole sector, planning for specialized sectors, provinces and centrally run cities, etc. have been developed, approved and organized for implementation. That is the basis and a good legal corridor for the industry to thrive.

    Vietnam has deeply integrated into the international economy. Thanks to that, the volume of passengers and goods on entry, exit, import and transit increased. This has created conditions for the development of road transport and can exchange and share information with countries around the world. Having the opportunity to learn with other countries will definitely be a prerequisite for the industry to thrive.

    2. Remaining difficulties of the trucking industry

    Currently, although the legal corridor is quite complete and the state also focuses on standardizing legal documents. However, the implementation of transport management documents has not been thorough, comprehensive and synchronous. In addition, the coordination in implementation is not really close and regular, especially between the central and local governments, between agencies with management functions at ports and major transport hubs, making the implementation of the project difficult. Law enforcement has not come to fruition.

    The lack of intermediate transport hubs is also a difficulty for this industry to develop.

    The infrastructure is still weak, incomplete and can not meet the requirements in the transportation process.