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    Transportation of super-heavy or oversized goods, transportation of super-heavy equipment, and motorized transport such as excavators, excavators, asphalt spreaders, servers... not yet available. is a difficulty that manufacturers of camcorders and equipment suppliers have to worry about.

    Definition of super-weighted goods?

    Extra-heavy goods are equipment, machinery or monolithic packages with dimensions or weight exceeding the regulated levels for circulation and transportation as regulated by the Ministry of Transport and they cannot be disassembled or broken down when stacked on top. means of transporting goods.


    How is the regulation of super-large and super-heavy goods?
    1. Goods overweight and super weight have the following dimensions and weight:

    + The length of the row is more than 15m.
    +The width of the row is over 3m.
    +The height of the row is over 3m.
    +The tonnage exceeds 45 tons.

    The transportation of super-heavy cargoes must ensure absolute safety from lifting to transportation, overweight cargo vehicles must be registered at the prescribed time and have a permit for carrying extra-longer cargo. Super weight licensed by the Ministry of Transport, has a carrying capacity and size suitable for each type of item.


    2. Items that are often classified as super-weight:

    + Industrial equipment, import and export machinery, iron and steel structures, power plant propeller turbines, transformers
    + Industrial tanks, boilers, combustion chambers, batching plant silos, crane girders, stone crushers, stone mills, corrugated iron mills
    + Mechanical machinery such as: excavators, excavators, road rollers, wheel loaders, barges, bulldozers, crane trucks, pile presses, robots, tower cranes
    +Steel coil, steel beam, steel plate, profiled steel, prefabricated house frame, factory frame
    + Concrete structure, steel structure, overpass girder, open-top container, Flat Rack container,...


    Means of transporting super-heavy goods

    To transport super-large and super-heavy items, it is necessary to have a  specialized vehicle, an oversized cargo truck  to carry these oversized and overloaded  items. So how can the car carry these terrible goods? Let's have a better understanding of  super-heavy cargo trucks.


    Definition of the super-heavy vehicle?

    Super-heavy cargo trucks are specially designed vehicles that can carry items with a length of more than 15m, a width of over 2.5m, a height of more than 3m and a cargo tonnage of 45 tons or more and are circulation licensed. Including vehicles such as: dwarf trailers, floor trailers, 30 - 52m trailer, 8-axle trailers, 25-axle hydraulic trailers, steering wheels, self-driving trailers, ...

    According to the Circular of the Ministry of Transport on the regulations of super-heavy vehicles as follows:

    All these super-heavy cargo trucks have a license to carry super-heavy cargo and are registered for the vehicle in accordance with the regulations.
    Super-heavy cargo trucks are designed with sizes and loads suitable for each type of cargo.
    When transporting super-heavy goods, they must fully comply with the provisions of the vehicle's circulation permit.
    Having a valid certificate of technical safety and environmental protection.
    In addition to transporting super-heavy goods on the road, our company also uses multi-modal transport by water - land to transport super-heavy items. An Phu company has transported equipment, machinery, assembly lines in many factories in the fields of: animal feed, solar energy, garment, wastewater treatment plant, equipment construction of bridges, culverts...

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