Multimodal transportation
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    Multimodal transport is a method of transporting goods by at least two different modes of transport, on the basis of a multimodal transport contract, a transport document, and a mode of liability. and only one sister responsible for the goods during the carriage from a point in one country to a named point in another country for delivery.

    Multimodal transport was born due to the complex geographical location between delivery and receipt locations, due to the characteristics of goods, the ability to load and unload, for the purpose of optimizing between delivery time and delivery time. transportation costs.
    An Phu is currently exploiting the following combinations of modes of transport to deliver door-to-door goods to customers:


    + Road - sea/inland waterway - road
    + Road - railway - road
    + Road - Air - Road.


    In addition, depending on the actual situation of each shipment, we also have a corresponding, flexible solution to suit the needs of our customers.

    The import-export service
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    We provide customs clearance services, procedures related to import and export licenses, specialized quality inspection procedures, accurate, fast and compact goods to help customers save time and money. cost. Not only the time to bring the goods back, but also help in the post-clearance inspection process later.
    Road transport
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    As the most popular mode of freight transport today, road loader is a type of transport using moving vehicles such as cars, trucks, container trucks, monolithic telephones, and trailer diagrams with cars. , ... to specialize in commodities.
    Transport by river - sea
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    Sea freight is one of the most popular forms of transport today. Sea transport plays an important role in the economy as well as in human life, not only transporting goods but also transporting people.
    Warehousing Service
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    The storage of goods plays an extremely important role in ensuring the supply and demand for production and business activities of enterprises. Not all businesses can invest large amounts of money to build their own internal warehouse system. In addition, without the knowledge and professional logistics staff, it is very difficult for a unit to effectively manage import and export goods by itself (Not to mention the elements of equipment). Is the storage environment in the warehouse safe or not?
    Super-long transport - super-heavy
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    Transportation of super-heavy or oversized goods, transportation of super-heavy equipment, and motorized transport such as excavators, excavators, asphalt spreaders, servers... not yet available. is a difficulty that manufacturers of camcorders and equipment suppliers have to worry about.