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    According to the regulations of the exporting and importing countries, except for the items on the list of prohibited import and export, most other goods can be transported by sea. This is probably one of the absolute advantages of this type of transport compared to road and air. In fact, the following items will be prioritized for shipping by sea:


    + Goods with physico-chemical properties, especially chemicals, chemical solutions, and substances that are easy to absorb moisture, besides, there are other types of volatile dust such as powder, ...
    + Goods that are easily affected by the environment, easily affected by humidity and temperature such as tobacco, tea, spices, ...
    + Other goods such as construction materials, machinery, industrial materials, etc.

    Not only classifying goods based on nature, sea shipments are also classified by mode of transportation. Detail:
    + General goods will be transported by container.
    + Transport minerals and sand and stones by barge.
    + Typical food items that need to be frozen will be transported by refrigerated trucks


    An Phu's river - sea transportation service
    As a unit with more than 14 years of experience in the field of sea transport, import and export of goods, An Phu has been an ideal companion and reliable partner of hundreds of domestic and foreign enterprises. Currently. The benefits when choosing transportation services in An Phu:

    + Combining many modes of transportation, extremely flexible to meet the maximum needs of customers.
    + A team of professional and experienced staff, minimizes unintended risks.
    + Extremely competitive prices and charges, countless incentives for customers.
    + Guarantee the No. 1 reputation, meeting the shipping schedule that customers want.
    + As a partner of dozens of well-known international shipping lines, we always ensure the safety and quality of each shipment.
    + Support many accompanying services such as customs declaration, packing goods according to import and export standards, ...