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    As the most popular mode of transportation of goods today, road transport is a type of transport using moving vehicles such as cars, trucks, container trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers. , ... to transport goods.


    Transport Road service is a service that applies to both retail and monolithic goods with a variety of load vehicles, from 500 kg trucks to 45 feet container trucks. This is  transportation service with the best shipping cost compared to other types of delivery.

    Why choose Transportation Road Service?

    1. Suitable for the needs of transporting large-volume goods, bulky goods to inter-province, the inter-region at the cheapest cost.

    2. Transport of all sizes of goods throughout 63 provinces.

    3. Standard delivery time, on average from 01 - 07 days depending on the delivery area.

    Management of bulk cargo operations
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    Cargo is also known as bulk cargo. In English, it is also known as Bulk Cargo. According to the concept, we can understand that bulk cargo is cargo in bulk, normally will not be boxed, bagged or packed.
    Water transport
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    Transporting goods by inland waterway contributes to changing the economy in a positive direction, affecting people's lives with a more comfortable and full life.
    Carry out procedures for quality inspection, quarantine, and customs clearance
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    The market is increasingly disturbed by the status of counterfeit goods, making it difficult for state agencies to control and manage products. Therefore, businesses want to create prestige and improve the trust of customers. customers about the product, the enterprise needs to conduct product quality inspection.