Carry out procedures for quality inspection, quarantine, and customs clearance
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  • Carry out procedures for quality inspection, quarantine, and customs clearance
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    The market is increasingly disturbed by the status of counterfeit goods, making it difficult for state agencies to control and manage products. Therefore, businesses want to create prestige and improve the trust of customers. customers about the product, the enterprise needs to conduct product quality inspection.


    1. Conditions of imported goods
    For imported goods, standards must be announced and labeled according to the provisions of the law on goods labels.

    For Products and goods that are likely to cause unsafety (are products and goods that, in the conditions of transportation, storage, preservation, reasonable and proper use, still have the potential to cause harm. for people, animals, plants, property, environment.) then:

    Must be declared and certified in conformity with relevant technical regulations related to the production process and final product by a designated or recognized certification body.

    Or else, when importing, it must be inspected by a designated or recognized inspection organization at the checkpoint of export or border of import.

    Must be checked for quality upon import according to the following contents:

    Checking results to assess conformity, goods labels, standard conformity marks, regulation conformity marks and documents attached to products and goods to be inspected;

    Test samples according to announced applicable standards and relevant technical regulations when necessary.

    2.Dossier to carry out the Goods Quality Inspection Process
    Goods quality inspection process


    + Dossier on implementation of goods quality inspection process
    + Procedures for implementing Goods quality inspection procedures
    + Implement a brief, accurate commodity check process
    + Knowledge of Forklift Inspection Procedures
    + Paper conformity certification service
    + Iso certification for a construction company


    Dossier for implementation of goods quality inspection regulations include:

    + Certificate of registration for inspection issued by the State on the quality of goods (according to the form)
    + Notarized copies of certificates of quality of goods and products
    + Certified copy of the unit importing the product or goods
    + Receipt. Bill of lading
    + Declaration of goods, products
    + Certificate of origin of products and goods
    + Description or image of products, goods
    + Samples of products and goods with regulation conformity marks or sub-labels
    + A copy of the contract also lists the goods under the contract.

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