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    Transporting goods by inland waterway contributes to changing the economy in a positive direction, affecting people's lives with a more comfortable and full life.


    Usually, in trade, sellers and buyers have goods. But unfortunately, there are no ships or boats to carry out the transportation to the place of delivery and transaction. Therefore, in order for the contract of sale and purchase of goods to be performed, the buyer or seller must hire a ship, boat, etc. to carry the goods. Renting a ship, boat, etc. to carry goods is to sign a contract for the carriage of goods by river/waterway.


    This contract is also the agreement and contract between two parties (carrier and charterer), whereby the carrier will use ships, boats, etc. to carry goods from one port to another in order to collect the goods. the freight charged by the lessee is obliged to pay as committed and agreed upon before.


    Today, when the trend of integration and globalization is developing strongly, countries around the world are increasing their trade with the outside world, so  sea transportation  always occupies a large position, playing important role in freight transport.


    With a favorable geographical position, Vietnam's coastline is about 3200 km long, with many puddles, bays, good windbreaks, deep water suitable for ships to anchor safely, thereby building into large ports. Not to mention that our sea is also located along the international maritime route from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean - this is a place for international trade and exchange of many countries, the advantages of many seaports, are completely favorable for the development of Vietnam. development of the shipping industry in general.

    Management of bulk cargo operations
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    Cargo is also known as bulk cargo. In English, it is also known as Bulk Cargo. According to the concept, we can understand that bulk cargo is cargo in bulk, normally will not be boxed, bagged or packed.
    Carry out procedures for quality inspection, quarantine, and customs clearance
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    The market is increasingly disturbed by the status of counterfeit goods, making it difficult for state agencies to control and manage products. Therefore, businesses want to create prestige and improve the trust of customers. customers about the product, the enterprise needs to conduct product quality inspection.
    Road transportation
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    As the most popular mode of transportation of goods today, road transport is a type of transport using moving vehicles such as cars, trucks, container trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers. , ... to transport goods.