The role of import and export services
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  • The role of import and export services


    The role of import and export services
    Import and export have several important roles as follows:

    + Import and export activities help improve international trade and economic development
    + Speeding up the import and export trade process
    + Using import-export service will save costs and reduce product prices
    + Being a bridge to help access the market more easily and confidently.
    + Package import and export service
    + Sea freight service international cargo to countries around the world (LCL LCL & FCL full container),
    + Air freight import and export services,
    + Booking containers, booking (booking) ships for export and import goods
    Customs Clearance Services and preparation of customs declaration documents for import-export shipments and other related work,
    + Import and Export Customs Clearance Agent Service,
    + Cargo packing service (Closed wooden bales, thin bales, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, PE net wrapping,...),
    + Fumigation services, animal and plant quarantine, especially agricultural products,
    + Services for applying for import licenses, product announcements, etc.
    + Service of applying for certificates of origin of exported goods, forms: Form A, Form B, Form E, Form D, Form AK, Form AJ, Form AANZ....),
    + Transport Services Trucks, Tractors,
    + Package Customs Services of all types: business, non-commercial, outsourcing, production and export, on-site import and export, temporary import for re-export, etc.