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    The storage of goods plays an extremely important role in ensuring the supply and demand for production and business activities of enterprises.

    Not all businesses can invest large amounts of money to build their own internal warehouse system.

    In addition, without the knowledge and professional logistics staff, it is very difficult for a unit to effectively manage import and export goods by itself (Not to mention the elements of equipment). equipment, is the storage environment in the warehouse safe or not,

    Warehousing is a place to store and preserve raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products (goods) in order to provide customers with the fastest and lowest cost when they require it.

    Warehousing activities have a direct impact on the storage and management of goods of enterprises. Warehouse management in good logistics helps businesses:

    + Reduce costs of production, transportation and distribution of goods.
    + Take the initiative in arranging and transporting shipments of the same size and same transport route. This helps to reduce the cost per unit of the product.
    + Maintain stable supply. Ready to deliver at any time customers need.
    + Provide customers with better service due to the right goods in terms of quantity, quality and condition.
    + Contributing to helping delivery at the right time and place.
    + Make a difference and increase the competitive position of the business.

    An Phu's warehouse systems are all new warehouse systems, which are regularly invested and upgraded, ensuring ISO standards, fire protection, as well as strict requirements of corporations/enterprises. large nationally and internationally.

    - 100% of goods in stock are insured, safe to store

    - Management according to international standards, security, 24/24 monitoring system

    - Monitor and manage through an automatic and accurate software system

    - Warehouse management process can be customized according to individual requirements of the business (LIFO, FIFO, bale management, product detail management, ...)

    - Flexible warehouse rental packages (short-term, long-term, block, area, whole warehouse) with cost savings, high discount.

    - Many accompanying support services: transportation, customs procedures, loading and unloading, ...