The function and importance of the warehouse
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  • The function and importance of the warehouse

    A modern warehouse that meets the needs of logistics transportation usually includes small warehouses such as:

    + Warehouse of raw materials and spare parts: Supply of input materials for production.
    + Finished goods warehouse: distribute goods for output.

    The system of these warehouses must ensure the good performance of functions such as:

    + Ensure the quality of stored goods.
    + Support for production, respond well when needed.
    + Collect goods.
    + Split goods into smaller lots.


    + Good management of condition, quantity and quality of goods.
    + Reduce the cost of transportation and distribution of goods to business customers or to consumers.
    + Take the initiative in arranging and transporting shipments of the same size and same transport route. This helps to reduce the variable cost per unit of product.
    + Maintain a stable supply, meet the needs of customers in the fastest and best way.
    + Provide customers with better service due to the right goods in terms of quantity, quality and condition.
    + Increase the competitive position of the business.

    Therefore, businesses should invest in themselves a reputable and quality supplier warehouse service!

    Coming to Warehousing Service  of  An Phu, you will no longer have to worry about the problem of transporting goods many times due to having to import from many different suppliers or having difficulty in transporting goods.

    With a modern warehouse system, we will solve for you problems such as inventory management, processing import and export orders, creating barcodes, packaging, checking goods quality....

    An Phu  will help you save costs, time, minimize tax costs and save time in handling procedures. Besides, we also commit to follow the correct customs procedures and ensure the goods are smooth and safe according to the customer's request.

    An Phu's customer care consultant team is always on hand to advise and answer customers during the process of using Logistics warehousing services.