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    1. What is super-long and super-weight goods?
    Extra-long and super-heavy goods are non-removable (divided) goods, when loaded on a means of transport, one of the outer dimensions (of the vehicle and the goods loaded on the vehicle) are measured as follows: Length greater than 20 meters; Width greater than 2.5 meters; The height (from the road surface upwards) is more than 4.2 meters (except for containers).

    In particular, super-long and super-heavy goods are non-removable (divided) goods weighing over 32 tons. Therefore, when loaded onto road and rail vehicles, the actual weight of each non-detachable package of 20 tons or more is super heavy. And when loaded on a road vehicle, the actual size of each non-removable piece is 12 meters or more in length or 2.5 meters or more in width or 2.5 meters in width. The height of the package from 2.7 meters or more is super-long. In addition, each package is practically non-removable when loaded on a river vehicle, having the length of the parcel 12 meters or more, or the width of the parcel over 4 meters, or the height of the package more than 3 meters. , 5 meters is super long row.


    2. Convert weight to calculate shipping charge for super-long and super-heavy goods
    + Goods with volume <= 1.5 m3: Chargeable weight is the actual transported weight including packaging.
    + Goods with volume from >=1.5m3: Chargeable weight is the calculated weight: every 1.5 m3 to 1(one) ton.
    + Unit of chargeable weight = Ton, < 0.5 ton omitted, >= 0.5 ton is counted as 1 ton.
    + Charged distance unit = kilometer (Km), < 0.5 km omitted, >= 0.5km is counted as 1km


    3. Some regulations on transportation of super-long and super-heavy goods
    a, Extra-long and super-heavy goods are goods whose size or weight exceeds the specified limit but cannot be disassembled.
    b, The transportation of extra-long and super-heavy goods must use trucks suitable to the type of goods and must have a road use permit issued by a competent state agency.
    c, Vehicles transporting extra-long and super-heavy goods must run at the speed specified in the license and must have a signal on the size of the goods, in case of necessity, arrange a traffic guide to ensure traffic safety. .
    d, The Minister of Transport shall provide specific regulations on the transportation of extra-long and super-heavy goods


    4. Prestigious and super-weight shipping service
    As can be seen, super-long and super-heavy goods are one of the items with a large tonnage or oversized, so the transportation is quite difficult. Therefore, choosing the right means of transport as well as the right transportation plan is extremely important.
    Understanding this need of many customers, An Phu has been providing the best service to help transport oversized and super-heavy goods, customers can completely rest assured with our transportation process.

    With more than 14  years of experience in transporting super-heavy goods as well as transporting extra-large goods for large projects with route data, experience in importing machinery and equipment as well as how to arrange when transporting An Phu will certainly satisfy customers.