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    Currently, the demand for using transportation services of oversized and super-heavy goods is more and more. Super-heavy products often require specialized vehicles transporting machinery. At An Phu, ensure a full supply to meet all the needs of our customers.

    We have a team of professional transportation staff along with a wide range of vehicles to ensure a full range of sizes and specialties to transport a variety of products with large sizes such as large machinery, container trucks or any other vehicle. any other super heavyweight product.

    Known and accompanied by many customers because the service has many outstanding advantages:


    Prestige first
    We specialize in providing trucks to transport goods to 3 North, Central and South regions. Especially the service is the North-South retail freight service. To have a firm foothold in today's market is a process of professional work and branding. Always take customer satisfaction first, so the service is always oriented towards "value" for customers.

    Many years of experience in the industry, so we understand what customers need and expect. Therefore, after each freight trip, we draw lessons from experience and fix bad problems. With the desire to bring customers the best quality experience possible.


    Own a fleet of trucks to transport bulk goods
    An Phu has a large & modern truck fleet to serve cargo quickly. We have all kinds of vehicles such as trucks, tractors, cranes, to container trucks, ..  can meet the needs of transporting your goods anywhere when needed.

    An Phu invests in an extremely modern vehicle system to serve the transportation needs of a large number of customers. This helps you save maximum costs without having to go through any other 3rd party. We have a system of vehicles with a variety of weights from 1 ton and up. Whether it is small goods, large volume goods, Thai Hung can be shipped at any time.


    Professionalism from staff to working process
    An Phu's super-heavy cargo transportation service has a team of dedicated consultants, loading and unloading staff, experienced drivers. Therefore, staff will solve all related problems before, during and after use. Therefore, accompanying us, customers will no longer have to hesitate and worry.

    Professionally trained and enthusiastic staff
    This is a great advantage when using the bulky freight transport service we provide. The company's employees are constantly cultivating practical experience to help customers consult more accurately. At the same time, the consultant always monitors the order and informs the customer about the specific situation. You can capture the detailed order situation and promptly handle it if an unfortunate situation occurs.


    The team of drivers has many years of experience
    Our team of drivers have many years of experience driving the North-South route. Knowledge of all routes is a necessity for every driver. This is more convenient in the delivery process, and at the same time shortens the transportation time, ensuring that the goods are sent to the right place of the customer's request quickly and conveniently.

    Professional workflow
    With a thorough step-by-step working process, An Phu meets the needs of the most demanding customer. This is considered an advantage of the service and is loved and satisfied by many customers when using our service.


    Guaranteed safety when transporting

    In the field of freight transport, the issue of preserving intact products to customers is a prerequisite. So, before putting on the car, there will be experienced staff to pack carefully. For valuable, fragile and damaged items, there will be intensive protection solutions. Therefore, the goods will reach the customer intact. This issue is clearly committed by us, so customers can rest assured.

    The most competitive quote in the market today

    Thai Hung Transport confidently brings customers the most competitive quotation in the market today. Price is an issue that customers are always interested in, we understand this, so in the service business strategy, we have calculated and offered the most affordable cost. If you want to save costs and still have a complete service, choose our unit.